Towards Zero Impact

We are Zero Impact, we believe business should be a force for good. We're having a crack at the world's toughest problems, by harnessing consumer power, we will stop waste, scale fast and address challenges at a global scale - and quickly.

We do this by solving the issues you care passionately about. Protecting nature, our climate, people and communities. Coffee grounds can do all of that and more - and we'll show you how.

Each Australian contributes more to climate change than pretty much any other country, even the United States. It means that if we don't get our act together we're creating irreversible damage to communities and ecosystems - that doesn't seem very Aussie fair go. 

By diverting coffee grounds from landfill we:

1. Save a heap of methane emissions and keeping the earth cooler

2. Make renewable energy from it. A solid fuel you can burn instead of coal, firewood or other dirty fuels - meaning we have even more impact

3. Use sustainable transport and electricity where we can and offsetting the rest- tracking and reducing our impact continuously.

Zero Impact is a force for good. Driven by the latest technology, innovation and passionate community we are striving towards true Zero Impact.

Thank you for reading,

Max Middleweek - Founder of Zero Impact