How Are Zero Impact Briquettes Made?

Step 1 - Gathering the coffee waste

Currently with the help of various waste management companies, we gather coffee waste from all over the city of Melbourne. At this point it is classified as "wet" coffee waste and it is transported to a facility to become "dry" coffee waste. 

Step 2 - Drying out the coffee waste

"Dry" coffee waste essentially means the moisture content from the coffee waste has been completely reduced.  At this point the volume of the waste is reduced by roughly 50%. Once the process is completed its time for it be to made into briquettes. 

Step 3 - Making the briquettes

Placing our dry coffee waste alongside timber off-cuts and waste also originally intended for landfill we use pressure to bind the mix together, ensuring that we don't need to use any glue or wax in our briquettes. This means our briquettes are 100% made up of ingredients originally intended for landfill!

Step 4 - Packaging up the briquettes

Once they're ready to go our briquettes are then packaged up using fully recycled cardboard (for small orders) and recycled hessian bags (for large orders).

Step 5 - Delivering to your door

Once packaging is finished, we get our briquettes to you as fast as possible!

Step 6 - Enjoying your briquettes

This is the fun part! Use our briquettes in your indoor fireplace, wood stove, pizza oven or outdoor fireplace. 

Step 7 -

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