Our Problem

Coffee Grounds Waste:

Coffee Briquettes from 6 Billion Cups of Coffee in Landfill
These facts are all courtesy of Planet Ark's 2016 report
Australians love their coffee, in fact over 75% of Australians have at least one cup per day, this equates to well over 6 Billion cups of coffee per year! But when did you last stop and think to yourself "where does my coffee go?".
The average cafe goes through 32kgs of coffee beans per week, producing roughly 60kgs worth of used coffee grinds. Of this over 93% of this waste goes directly to landfill.
It’s hurting coffee shops who foot the $24,000,000 clean-up bill and what's worse, it breaks down into methane gas - the bigger, nastier brother of CO2 accelerating climate change even further.

Deforestation for Firewood: 


 In Australia there's estimated to be over a combined 1.5 Million wood heater and wood fireplaces, leading to a demand for firewood in excess of 6 Million tonnes per year.  
This huge demand for firewood is simply not sustainable, and is a contributing factor in Australia having lost 25% of its rainforests, 45% of open forests, 32% of woodland forest and 30% of mallee forests. (Wilderness Society)

Our Solution:

Zero Impact Coffee Waste Briquettes

We saw all this and thought, what can we do about it?  And thus, Zero Impact and our briquettes were born! Our goal is to minimise coffee waste whilst providing a sustainable alternative to firewood. 
We recycle waste coffee grounds from cafes all over Melbourne into sustainable fuel briquettes. Perfect for your wood stove, indoor fireplace, pizza oven or outdoor fireplace. Pretty much anywhere firewood can be used our briquettes are suitable for!
We started Zero Impact to bring feel-good products that don’t impact our environment or hurt people to consumers. Our coffee-fuel burns hotter than coal or wood, is clean, sustainable and guilt free.