How To Use Zero Impact Briquettes

Zero Impact Coffee Briquettes


 What are our briquettes suitable for: 

Zero Impact Coffee Briquettes


Fireplaces, pizza ovens, wood stoves, camp fires and pretty much anywhere else where you'd use traditional firewood.

How to use: 

Zero Impact Coffee Briquettes
Our briquettes are super dense, which gives a nice long burn, this means you can treat our briquettes similar to how you would a large piece of hardwood (ie red gum).
1. We recommend using sustainably sourced kindling or eco firelighters to get your fire going before then using our briquettes. 
2. Once lit, Zero Impact briquettes will expand in shape, don't be alarmed! This is completely normal. 
3. Allow the briquettes to burn undisturbed down to coals before adding more, be careful not to overload.

Take Note: 

Only use our briquettes in well ventilated spaces, do not overload and never leave your fire unattended.