Compare: Briquettes Vs Firewood


Always wondered how our Zero Impact briquettes stack up versus firewood? We extensively tested the two and here are the facts: 


Comparing Zero Impact Briquettes to Firewood

Key findings:

Zero Impact Coffee Briquettes

Coffee briquettes get up to temperature much faster ~610C just 15 minutes vs
40 minutes for Red Gum. 


Zero Impact Coffee Briquettes

Coffee briquettes burn hotter, a peak of 760C vs 600C for Red Gum.


How did we get to these results? Here was the process:


1. Firstly we weighed 15.1kg of split Red Gum and 15.0kg of our Zero Impact Coffee Waste Briquettes. 3kg of kindling and paper was used as a fire starter.

Zero Impact Measuring test 


2. We then loaded them into two identical pizza ovens courtesy of Melbourne Firebrick Company.

Zero Impact Coffee Briquettes Pizza Oven Test 


3. At periodic points we measured the temperature.

Zero Impact coffee briquettes results

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