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CALCULATE MY IMPACT - What’s the big deal with coffee grounds?

We know something is up in Australia. We have thousands of cafes producing a mountain of waste coffee grounds, where does this all go? At the moment the vast majority of the 200,000,000 kg a year go to landfill. Like all food waste when it rots away in landfill it makes heaps (and we mean heaps of methane and carbon dioxide). This is warming our planet is simply something we don’t think about. How can something as innocuous as coffee grounds cause so much negative impact?

Part of the challenge at Zero Impact is communicating quite how bad this is to industry and consumers and getting them aligned. We’ve been working very hard to break down the issue into easy to understand pieces and inspire change with great design solutions and a great product - we make renewable energy from it.

It costs the average cafe $0.50 per kg of coffee used to dispose of waste coffee grounds, this is from a Planet Ark feasibility study. It works out to around $900 a year directly and indirectly. This is due to the enormous volume, weight and difficulty in transport and pickup of waste coffee grounds. To cut to the point, it all adds up when the typical cafe goes through 35.7kg of coffee a week- every week - how much revenue would you need to make a profit of $900?

So what if you started recycling with Zero Impact and start making savings today?