Zero Impact- August Update

Zero Impact- August Update
To keep you in the loop with what’s happening at Zero Impact we’ll be providing monthly updates.
We’ve reached the final month of winter! The clouds are beginning to clear and the warmer weather is on the way (hopefully…). 
For the Zero Impact team the end of July was an exciting few weeks, and entering August we’re set up for a massive month.

The Zero Impact team met with a number of experts to improve the customer experience.

Zero Impact- SEO meeting
You may have noticed some drastic changes to the Zero Impact website and its content, and a lot of this is driven by advice from experts. These experts include SEO specialists and user experience website optimisers, we’re super thankful for the guidance as we’re learning a lot along the way and we hope your enjoying the changes your seeing. We want to make the website and its content as engaging for you guys as possible! 
If there’s anything you want to see on the website, or any tips for how we can make your experience better don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!

We’re looking to expand the team.

Zero impact- Coffee Briquettes
As Zero Impact grows we want the team to grow too, this means we’re on the hunt for our next team member. We’re currently looking for a COO / Operations Manager, someone who can  lead the operations of collecting coffee waste and distributing clean energy products and services. 

The Zero Impact van decided to take a holiday.

Zero Impact Van
In June Max took a quick trip back home to the UK, in July it was the Zero Impact van that decided it was time for a hard earned break. Unfortunately the destination (the mechanic) was far less exotic and the mode of transport (a tow truck) was far less luxurious. The van’s impromptu breakdown left Max and Jack stranded on the streets of St Kilda, however it wasn’t all bad! It enabled Max and Jack to do some “market research”, which conveniently included a particularly yummy coffee whilst waiting for the tow truck to rescue them. 
Fingers crossed we get the van back on the road soon! 

What does August have in store?

Zero Impact Coffee Briquettes
An awareness campaign, meetings, expansion planning, August is shaping up as a huge month for Zero Impact. I f things go well we could have some very exciting news to share with you all!
We'll also be ramping up our blog content, look out for some interesting new interviews and informative pieces.