What Is My Impact?

What Is My Impact?
A morning stop at the local cafe on the way to work part of your daily routine?
Are catch ups with friends over brunch your favourite way to start the weekend?
Over 75% of us have at least one cup of coffee per day and the waste from this adds up quickly. 
Each barista-made coffee (flat white, latte, cappuccino etc...) we drink produces 14 grams of waste coffee grounds, so if your one of the 75% of us that have at least one coffee per day that’s over 5kg per year sent directly to landfill!
5kg of waste might not seem like much but the scary part is that this coffee waste breaks down into methane gas, which is over 30x more potent as a heat trapping gas than carbon dioxide. Coffee waste is a huge contributor to our global warming crisis.
What is my Impact? Zero impact coffee briquettes

How do I get to Zero Impact?

The good news is getting to Zero Impact is easy!
One 24 pack of our briquettes contains the waste from roughly 150 cups of coffee.
So for a cup-a-day drinker you only need two boxes of Zero Impact coffee briquettes in a year to reach Zero Impact!
Enjoy your cup of coffee and then warm your home and not the world? Seems like a no brainer to us!