The Ricci Experience - Wood Fired Coffee Roaster

The Ricci Experience - Wood Fired Coffee Roaster
With the launch of Zero Impact Briki's Coffee Briquettes Ricci Method, a wood-fired coffee roaster in Melbourne's north walks us through using our product for the first time. 
Ricci is located inside il melograno, they occupy the back room with their on-site coffee-roasting machine, producing quality roasted beans for coffee. After purchasing the Briki's, they tested the product by incorporating the Coffee Briquettes with Red Gum during the roasting process.
A member of the roasting team for Ricci, Marcello said “It complements the wood that we use, as the logs fill the gap between the wood diminishing, enabling the sustainability of heat and evens it out. Coffee and heat are really important, it's probably what makes the difference between good coffee and not so good coffee. The more you are able to control the heat, especially with such an organic process, we found that using the logs we are able to orchestrate it and have a more controlled outcome”.
Marcello's first thoughts when he saw the coffee logs on Zero Impacts website was “what an interesting concept, it would be complementary to our [woodroasting] process”.
Marcello said the logs are complementary to their roasting process beyond “its coffee theme, the approach we take means managing temperature constantly because it can really affect the outcome of our method. We hope to incorporate the logs more moving forward as it maintains the evenness and temperature of the fire, more so than the wood we use.”  
Ricci has been operating ethically and sustainably for 6 years. The environment is “the soul of our roasting company, everything is sourced fairly from the coffee beans all the way to the roasting process. Eliminating any use of gas or reliance on mains, we regard ourselves as very environmental”, he said.
When the logs are burning, Marcello said “no it doesn’t smell, we combined it with the selection of wood we use which has its own fragrance and it certainly overpowers anything else. I think the logs play a neutral source of heat and there is no single hint of aroma and the batches of coffee we have produced using the logs have been really good”. 
Marcello finished by saying “we just thought let's give it a go and we were pleasantly surprised with the tests we have done to date”.