Analysis of our product compared with Ironbark and Red Gum

Analysis of our product compared with Ironbark and Red Gum

We had a great question from one of our customers, how does our product compare to Ironbark and Red Gum? 

Well, Recycled Firewood (French Oak) is a gem of a product, it burns very hot for starters. We've done side by side testing with identical pizza ovens with the same loading of Recycled Firewood and Red Gum / Ironbark, each with 15 kg. The results where epic. 

Recycled Firewood burns in excess of 700C, putting it much hotter than all firewood's out there which sits between 400-600C. This is a big advantage, especially if your oven needs a boost of quick heat, or you just want to sit back and simply add less fuel!

Another great thing, after doing many scientific tests (in carefully controlled conditions of course!) we've found that the very low water content of Recycled Firewood means our product doesn't spark or spit - nice.

As our product is compressed under lots of pressure, there are layers and layers inside it, giving a long burn time as each is exposed - kind of like an onion! It means that lots of heat is trapped inside, forming nice coals which hold lots of heat for a long time. After you've enjoyed it, at the end you'll be surprised at how little ash there is to clean up! This is because of the super low water content giving exceptionally low ash content <1%

Best to compost it or use as organic fertiliser on the garden, in keeping with the Zero Impact mission. Curious to learn more check out our FAQ page too or contact us, we love hearing from our customers!