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Shipping and Returns

How fast is shipping?

Can I get tracked shipping?

Can I get a refund?

Can I return my product?

How to use

Can I use it in a wood stove, fireplace, pizza oven?

Can I use in a Weber BBQ?

How do I use it?

I've got questions about the product

Is it made in Australia?

Where do you get your waste coffee grounds from?

What's it made of?

Is the packaging sustainable?

How big is the product?

How do you make your product?

Why coffee?

What other uses for coffee grounds are there?

How much waste coffee grounds have you diverted from landfill so far?

How do you collect waste coffee grounds?

How many waste coffee grounds do I produce a year?

I want to help

Can I donate my coffee grounds from my home?

How can I help?

I’m a cafe wanting to recycle my waste coffee grounds, help?

Other stuff

Can you tell more about your City of Melbourne Small Business Grant?

Isn’t recycling the nations coffee grounds impossible?

Are you looking to recycle other waste materials?