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clean energy from coffee
12x Mini coffee-logs for camping, BBQ, firepits - Innovators pack!

Get it done with Zero Impact

Coffee fuel logs (they burn hot af)

For the discerned pizza chef, we provide expertly engineered fuel that regulates temperature, stores & stacks with ease - and it’s way better than red gum. Click below to find out more:

Use at home Use for business

We are Zero Impact, we get waste coffee grounds out of landfill and into your hands as sustainable, coffee fuel logs that burn better than red gum. Join the innovators and early adopters to find out why they choose expertly engineered fuel that gets it done with Zero Impact.

Closing the loop in the coffee industry

There are literally millions (and millions) of kilos of waste coffee grounds that go to landfill every year. It's driving climate change and damaging our communities. So what if we changed that? We transform your latte into high performance fuel you can burn at your next barbie, now that's pretty sweet.

Startups as a force for good

We're a Melbourne based startup and believe business can drive the change we need. We tackle the problems you care about, protecting nature, communities and doing no harm.

How do we make the world a better place?

From bean, to cup, to fuel, we're fuelling a revolution in clean energy. We make great products that are truly sustainable and help the planet too.

australian Made

We Support Local

Based in the coffee capital of Australia we stand up for independent cafes that make our cities great.

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